Passover Programs at Hotels and Resorts

Passover Programs

Many people enjoy the flexibility of staying in a hotel or resort for Passover rather than spending their holiday at home, cleaning their houses of all chametz (food with leavening agents) and preparing for Passover for 10 days. Many of the hotels and resorts that run these Passover Programs offer all inclusive packages so that guests can spend their time doing other things, such as family vacation activities. They often have a variety of kids, teen and adult programming as well as evening entertainment on chol hamoed.

Pesach Programs  are not all inclusive, they usually have a choice of rooms and a variety of amenities including pools, golf courses, spas etc. Most include room service meals in the price and many also offer a variety of snack and tea times during the day and even after hours.

How to Choose the Right Passover Program for Your Needs

Most of these programs will have Rabbis on site to do daily minyanim and shiurim as well as to check everything that goes on during the holiday to make sure it is kosher for Passover. This makes a lot of families feel at ease and they are more comfortable eating the food that is served and using the hotel rooms, bath products etc. Many of the programs have a variety of day trips and other cultural and religious events for their guests to attend as well as the typical entertainment offered on chol hamoed. They may also offer a number of additional services like transportation to and from the airport for their guests.