Air Scrubber For Mold Remediation

An air scrubber for mold remediation is used to remove and filter the air in a space that has been affected by a toxic mold problem. These devices typically have HEPA filters which can effectively trap up to 99% of particulate matter that is larger than 0.3 microns. This includes spores which are released by mold that has become contaminated with water damage, fire damage or even just regular indoor pollution.

Whether you are air scrubber for mold remediation   at home or working on a commercial renovation project that has been impacted by mold growth, the use of an air scrubber for mold remediation is essential to ensure that the mold spores will not spread to unaffected areas. While there are some DIY tips on how to use an air scrubber for mold remediation, this is a task best left to professionals that have been trained and certified in the safe removal of harmful substances and contaminants from a home or office building.

Clearing the Air: How Air Scrubbers Help Remove Mold Contaminants

The way that an air scrubber for mold remediation works is by utilizing negative airflow. Powerful fans suck ambient air from the inside of the space and then pass it through a series of filters, including the HEPA filter that is responsible for trapping mold spores. The purified air is then exhausted outdoors or returned to the indoor space.

The benefits of using an air scrubber for mold remediation go far beyond simply removing the spores from the air and not spreading them around the interior of the space. These machines can also help with cleaning surfaces and eradicating odors that have been caused by the mold.