Kettlebell Exercises

The kettlebell exercises is one of the most versatile pieces of weighted equipment you can use. Its unique shape, with a round bell bottom and attached handle, provides a different range of motion than a dumbbell and can work muscles in a different way. This makes it perfect for changing up your exercises and challenging different muscle groups.

The Kettlebell Clean

The king of all kettlebell movements, the clean takes a kettlebell from the floor to the rack position in one movement. It’s a powerful exercise that works the whole body, but is particularly effective for sculpting the legs and back. When performed correctly, it’s important to focus on hinging the hips during the lowering phase of the movement to avoid rounding the back and shoulders.

Unlocking Strength and Stability: A Guide to Kettlebell Exercises for Full-Body Fitness

This variation on the traditional press uses a double kettlebell to target your shoulders and chest. Start by lying on a bench set at an incline with both kettlebells above your head, arms extended and palms facing each other (like you’re holding a big hug). Slowly lower the weights out to the sides of the body. Once at the end of the range, extend your elbows and bring the kettlebells back up to starting position. This movement targets the Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Infrascapularis, Triceps, Trapezius, and Serratus Anterior muscles. Try it with a heavier kettlebell for a more challenging move. This version of the press can also be done standing for a full-body workout or kneeling to challenge core and shoulder stability.

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