A Cold Press Juicer Explained

Juicing is a way to get in cold juicer fruits and vegetables but most juices we have been drinking are full of sugar, preservatives and other chemicals. A cold press juicer will help you get in more nutrients by extracting the most juice from the produce while leaving out the fibres and removing the excess pulp. This means that the juice is easier to digest and absorbs faster, giving you a boost of energy and health.

From Farm to Glass: Exploring the Art of Cold Pressed Juicing and Its Impact on Well-being

A masticating juicer works by slowing rotating an auger to crush the produce and break down its cell walls which results in a high-quality, healthy, fresh and delicious juice. It is also more hygienic than centrifugal juicers that use spinning blades at high speeds which create heat and introduce oxygen, destroying many of the dense vitamins and minerals.

It is important to prepare the produce before feeding it into a cold press juicer. This will ensure that the produce is washed, cleaned and cut into manageable sizes so it can be fed through the chute. This will also make it easier for the auger to crush and grind the produce which will result in a better extraction of juice.

After the juice has been extracted it will be poured into a detachable juice container and a separate pulp container. The pulp container will collect the leftover fibres and pulp from the juicing process and can be removed to empty and clean.

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