The biggest jackpot in the Greece Powerball is EUR19.3 million, split by three lucky winners on 15 April 2010. The jackpot was won by a single ticket holder and is the largest jackpot in Europe. It is the third-largest in the world. To date, three winners have received the EUR19.3 million. In other words, Greece Powerball is one of the fastest-growing lottery games in Europe.

How to Play the Greece Powerball Lottery

The odds of winning the Greece Powerball are 1 in 24,435,180. The odds for winning the UK Powerball are 1 in 45,057,474. For the Italy Powerball, the odds are 1 in 622,614,630. The Greek Lottery is the second-largest lottery in the world. The jackpot prize is worth €450 million. But what’s more, there are eight prize divisions in the Greece version.

The winning numbers of the Greece Powerball are 31 and 37. These are the most common numbers, while the least-drawn number is 33. Only 191 times have this number been drawn in the Greek lottery. To win, you must match five main numbers and one joker, and there are 8 ways you can do it. The most common way to do that is by watching the drawing live on television. Alternatively, you can visit the official Greece Powerball website.

Greece-Powerball results are updated frequently. The latest jackpot was won by a ticket holder on 23 January 2020. If you’d like to find out the results as soon as possible, you can watch the drawing live on TV. The official website also has the latest drawings and historical information. If you don’t win the prize, you can verify your ticket online. You can also take advantage of the statistical analysis of the past drawings on the website of the Greek Powerball organization.