DGT English Test – The First Step in Getting Your Spanish Driving Licence

dgt english test is the first step in getting your Spanish driving licence. The General Directorate of Traffic(DGT) offers expats the chance to take their driving theory test in English. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and you need to get at least 27 correct answers to pass. This official DGT theory test in English can be taken at the local DGT office in your city or region. The application for the exam needs to be made in person and there are some requirements which have to be met.

Acing the DGT English Test: Your Key to Driving in Spain

You can study for your dgt english test on your own but you can also sign up with a driving school to make the process 100% easier. They will provide you with all the learning materials and online tests that you need to prepare for your dgt theory test in English. The package offers are very affordable and can save you a lot of time as it will make your whole learning experience much easier. You can choose between a full package with practical classes or simply the theory test only.

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