How Long Does Weed Killer Last?

It is very difficult to answer the question how long does weed killer last, because when it first sprayed onto the ground it will be very strong and have very little effect on weeds. Weed Killers are used around the world every day, there is no country that doesn’t use them and most people will assume that they work effectively, but in fact this is not true. Weed Killers work by killing all the weeds on the surface of the ground within twelve hours, but after the initial spray it does become much less effective. Weed Killers also tend to get obsolete very quickly; the latest one being the weed eater.

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The other question often asked is how long does weed killer last, and the answer depends on the person using it. If a person is using a brand new weed killer, they will probably not see any difference in their lawn in a couple of days. Most weed killers however, will show a significant difference after three to four years. As weed killers are used more often, the effectiveness of the weed killer gradually decreases, but it still has some good value for those who use it. The first time you use a weed killer you might see a huge difference, and then after a while you will start to see less.

In the end I think you can safely say that the answer to the question ‘How long does weed killer last’ is ‘about three years.’ If you use a weed killer with some regularity you will probably see a decrease in the amount of weeds you see in your garden, but it is not likely to disappear completely. Weed Killers are very useful for growing small amounts of plants for example, so if you are having a problem with weeds in your garden you should consider using a Weed Killer. However if you are simply trying to get rid of a weed that has become big and out of control, you can probably let it grow and try to kill it off by itself. It’s important to keep in mind that weed killers only work as fast as the weed that is being killed, so if you plant something else and let it grow, the weed killer will not work as quickly as it did when it was first applied.

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