How to Install a Car Seat Correctly

Car seat safety experts note that kids who are buckled in the right car seats (not loose or on the edge of the seat) are up to 71% to 82% less likely to be injured in a crash. That’s why getting a car seat installed correctly is so important.

Should car seat position be high or low?

The first step in installing a car seat is reading the manufacturer’s manual to familiarize yourself with all the safety instructions and quirks of your specific seat. The manual will also give you the correct angle to install the base and ensure it is firmly in place. Some cars have an indicator that shows if the car seat is at the right angle, but you should still refer to the manual for a clearer picture and how to change the angle if necessary.

Next, if your car seat has lower anchors, use them and route the strap through the belt path for the direction it will face. Make sure there are no twists in the strap and that it’s as tight as possible (check your vehicle and seat manual for more details). Finally, if the seat comes with a locking clip, use it to lock the belt if needed. This Link :

Now test your installation by shaking the seat back and forth, front to back and side to side, at the belt path. The car seat should not move more than an inch when shaken with force. If it does, recheck all the connections and tighten.

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