Lifting Wear

Whether you lift heavy weights on the bench press or on the squat, you need to invest in specific lifting wear. Stretch shirts, which are made of polyester, are an excellent option. They prevent shifting and keep the bar secure. These shirts are also perfect for powerlifters who are in training and compete at competitions. A few companies also produce apparel for everyday wear, such as t-shirts.

Should you size down in workout clothes?

Depending on the type of lifting you do, you may want to wear a pair of weightlifting shoes. A good pair of lifting shoes has a heel that is raised off the ground, which moves your knees forward and allows you to use your quads more effectively during the lift. For most people, a 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch heel is suitable. The shoe should also have a metatarsal strap to increase stability.

Weightlifting singlets are another essential lifting wear item. These shorts have to meet certain standards to stay within the regulations of reputable brands. They should fit tight and cover the leg area, but not so tight that they are see-through. It is also best not to wear free ball-style or bare bottoms – this will result in a nasty surprise if you drop the barbell over your hip!

The clothing line GASP has is another great choice for people who want to adopt the bodybuilder look. This brand carries t-shirts, training shorts, and even outerwear. Many of the designs are of food or nutrition, making them extremely functional. The company is also the official apparel sponsor of the World’s Strongest Man competition. The company even produces competition belts.

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