Michigan Coffee Roasters

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just someone who likes a good cup of joe, there are Michigan coffee roasters you’ll love. There are plenty of boutique coffee roasters that have popped up in the area, offering a range of coffees from single origin to specialty blends.

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Fourth Dimension Coffee Company began in downtown Pontiac in 2006. They moved into the Oakland Arts Center building in downtown Pontiac in 2014. They roast small batches of coffee and sell it through retailers in Sabbath Coffee Roasters. They have also recently added an espresso machine.

Another Michigan coffee roaster is Littlefoot Coffee Company, based in Grand Rapids. They roast coffee beans in small batches and offer subscriptions. They are known for their cute furry friend that is printed on their bags. They also offer a monthly art class and a variety of sandwiches.

Another Michigan coffee roaster is Frenchtown Roasters, located in Monroe. They specialize in specialty blends, as well as raw coffee beans from around the world. They roast everything from light to dark roasts and also serve chai. They are a favorite among Mid-Michigan coffee lovers.

In addition to roasting coffee, the Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company also sells cold brew coffee and beer. They have three locations, including a tasting room. Their coffee is a blend of beans from a variety of co-ops. They also offer a subscription service, where you can get a variety of coffee roasted for you to enjoy at home.

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