Naomi Ross Sister – Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong

adin ross sister

Adin ross sister  is the younger sister of YouTube and Twitch streamer and gamer, Adin Ross. She has been recently trending for all the wrong reasons. The incident she got involved in can be best described as pranks gone horribly wrong.

Naomi has been a popular figure on social media platforms as she has quite a substantial following on Instagram and even has her own YouTube channel where she posts reaction vlogs alongside her brother. Moreover, she is also a yoga trainer and shares her workout routines on the platform.

Adin Ross Sister’s Naomi Ross Parents

She has a total of 166k followers on her Instagram account. Recently, she made a lot of headlines for landing into a controversy with the Wizza content creator and former footballer, Zias. Zias reportedly dropped by her house which she shares with other content creators and shook her up by getting cozy and intimate with her. Upon seeing this, Adin went live on his channel and got really mad at her.

However, later on, it was clarified that the entire thing was a prank. The two had sat down and discussed what they would like to see in their videos. After all, it was a collaboration between them to make Adin scared and to rattle him. They did achieve their purpose by making him feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they did clarify that their intimate moment was just a part of the video to get him to react in a certain way.

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