Native Cigarettes Canada

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Native Cigarettes Canada brands are produced in a small factory on the Mohawk reserve of Akwesasne, south of Montreal. They are sold at $20 a carton, and anti-smoking campaigners complain that they are sold outside the reserves in brightly coloured bags emblazoned with the words “Native” or “Mohawk Blend.” The tobacco industry argues that the profits help to pay for vital services such as health education and child welfare.

Understanding the Cultural Significance of Native Cigarettes in Canada

Across the country, many natives are profiting from an international trade in contraband cigarettes. While the government has a legal right to collect taxes on the tobacco, it is often ignored in the face of the lucrative business.

In Ontario and Quebec, which have the lowest tobacco taxes in the country, 12% of smokers report that they usually get their cigarettes from a First Nations reserve (see online supplementary figure A4). In addition, surveys show that more than a third of youth who smoke report buying their cigarettes from a First Nations reserve.

At the same time, some indigenous leaders complain that tobacco companies are not sharing enough of their profits with the community. Joe Delaronde, a spokesman for the Kahnawake band council, says that he supports tobacco generally, but laments that personal enrichment has become the overriding goal of many members of his community, contrary to what he calls an Iroquoian tradition of putting the common good first. He compares the current defence of contraband tobacco to the arguments of Pablo Escobar and other Colombian drug lords in the 1980s.

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