SEO For Letting Agents

The days of putting up a ‘for rent’ sign and waiting for the phone to ring are long gone, nowadays landlords and home owners turn to Google to find a letting agent in their area. Having your website ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) can lead to a steady stream of enquiries for your estate agency, but there are many factors that need to be considered when optimising your site.

A good real seo for letting agents will incorporate well-planned keyword research, onsite optimisation, offsite promotion and local SEO. By combining these strategies you can set yourself apart from your competitors and secure a constant flow of enquiries for your property management business.

Step 1 – Crawl: Google crawls your website and records what it finds – this is called indexing. Step 2 – Rank: Google analyses the information it finds and decides how relevant it is based on searches carried out by people looking for that information e.g ‘4 bedroom house to buy Brighton’. Then it ranks the websites that are most relevant for those searches highest.

“SEO for Letting Agents: Get Your Properties Noticed

SEO isn’t a quick fix however, it is a continuous process of identifying and fixing issues that prevent your estate agency’s website from being found by potential customers. A great way to keep track of your progress is by using an SEO audit tool such as ahrefs which will give your site a health score and recommend any improvements that are needed.

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