The Benefits of Using a Public Insurance Adjuster

public adjuster

A public adjuster’s fee is usually calculated as a percentage of the settlement. In Georgia, one company states that its average fee is 20 percent. But, it varies, as smaller insurance claims can have the same costs, but less recovery. Therefore, the fee is based on an average of larger and smaller claims. However, in every state, public adjusters are allowed to charge a lower fee for smaller claims than for larger ones. Find out –

Help You Understand Your Insurance Policy And Your Rights And Obligations

A public adjuster can be very useful after a disaster because they are accustomed to finding damages that you might miss. A water-damaged wood floor might look obvious, but the water could have run down the walls, causing mold and drywall damage. This may even affect a cabinet’s security. With this knowledge, a public adjuster can be invaluable in the recovery process. Regardless of your particular circumstances, a public adjuster will be able to help you maximize your recovery.

Using a public adjuster will increase the chance of a high settlement. Licensed public adjusters know how insurance companies operate, so they know how to document claims thoroughly. In addition, they proactively negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies, which expedites the process and leaves you with more time for other things. A public adjuster can also help you understand your insurance policy and your rights and obligations. This will help you obtain a higher settlement than if you were to do it yourself.

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