The Importance of Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair is one of the most important things a business can do to keep customers safe and prevent potential legal liability from trips or falls caused by damage to vehicles or people. While resurfacing or replacement may seem like a big expense, the cost of repairs is often much less than the potential liabilities from accidents and unhappy patrons. Go here

Small Cracks – Filling or sealing small cracks helps prevent moisture from infiltrating the sub-grade layers and further damaging the asphalt. It also keeps the cracks from getting bigger and forming potholes.

Addressing the Cracks: Expert Strategies for Efficient Asphalt Repair

Edge Cracks – These longitudinal cracks appear close to the pavement edges and are caused by heavy traffic that puts pressure on the outer edge of the asphalt surface. This pressure can cause the asphalt to sink and separate from the underlying material. Other causes include poor drainage, soil compaction, and asphalt shrinkage.

Raveling – A common problem, raveling is caused by the breakdown of the asphalt surface as rocks and gravel are dislodged from the surface. This breakdown leaves an uneven surface (trip hazard!) and standing water.

Minor Depressions – An effective short term solution is to use asphalt patching in these areas. However, to provide a permanent solution it is recommended that the poor compaction and underlying material be repaired.

For more severe deterioration, full resurfacing is the most practical option. This process adds new layers of asphalt on top of the existing surface, delivering a smoother and more attractive finished product. Prior to resurfacing, the asphalt needs to be free of all debris and any structures for utilities like pipes or wires need to be adjusted to avoid damaging them during the resurfacing process.

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