Top 10 Trendiest Cities in the World

Trendiest Cities

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The Trendiest Cities are those that teem with craft cocktails, vegan restaurants, artisanal pickle shops, farmers markets, and more. Each year, T+L readers vote for the locations that offer the best combination of things to do and cultural scene. And these aren’t just fads—they tend to stick around. Whether you’re a baby boomer looking to escape the city, or a Gen Xer looking for your first home, one of these up-and-coming hot spots could be just what you need. This link

A perennial winner, London nabbed the top spot for the ninth straight year this time round. It’s no wonder—London is the most Instagrammable city in the world and a favorite on TikTok, too. It’s also a top pick for foodies, with its many high-end eateries and a healthy dose of independent coffee shops.

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And while it may have struggled during the COVID-19 lockdown, the “capital of capitals” is back and more indomitable than ever. It’s still a magnet for social media influencers, the capital of global politics, and a hub for culture and commerce.

New York City, which snagged the eighth spot, made some big gains this year, possibly because of its robust theater and art scenes and its status as a destination other global city-dwellers would most like to move to. And its burgeoning residential neighborhoods are booming, with properties that have gone from shabby to chic—like this sunny two-bedroom asking $349,000.

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