Trading 212 Review

Trading 212 has difference between invest and isa fee structures in the industry, with both its Invest and ISA accounts offering zero dealing fees. However, the platform also makes money through spreads – the difference between the highest or ‘offer’ price for an investor to buy an asset such as shares and the lowest or ‘bid’ price they can sell it for. Spreads vary per asset and can be influenced by how popular an asset is or whether there are plenty of people trying to buy or sell it at the same time.

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Both the Invest and ISA accounts offer commission-free stock and ETF dealing, with the option to buy fractional shares. The ISA account also comes with the added advantage of significant tax benefits – an ISA allows investors to make long-term gains tax free, as long as they stick to the annual allowance limit.

As well as offering CFDs, Trading 212 offers a choice of stocks and indices from around the world. It also has a good range of educational materials, including an in-depth explainer video on how to use the site and extensive charting tools.

Trading 212 is FCA regulated, so it’s safe to say they’re a credible company with a good track record. They’re also part of the FSCS, meaning you can get your money back in certain circumstances.

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