Types and Uses of Face Shields

Face shields | DMB Supply, a very important piece of personal protective equipment, aim to protect the whole face from potential hazards like road debris and flying objects, chemical spills, or other potentially harmful materials. These can vary widely in price, so knowing your exact requirements will help you choose the best face shield for you. A cheap face shield is often made with cheap materials and will therefore not stand up to the test of time, nor provide adequate protection. Similarly, face shields which are too bulky will encumber you as you try to avoid any eye and face contact with the outside world. Face shields are therefore essential, but only if you require them.


There are a variety of face shields available and these include plastic shields, vinyl, polystyrene, and other plastic variants. The first three types all protect your face and can be used in any situation, though it is advisable to wear plastic face shields during sports, at work, or while driving. Vinyl is perhaps the most common type of face shield as it is cheap and easily disposable, though some argue that its plastic counterpart offers better quality in the long run. Polystyrene is the cheapest and strongest, but should be avoided where possible, as it tends to shatter into sharp little pieces upon impact. Plastic face shields, which come in a variety of colours are easy to wash and are generally more reliable than their plastic equivalents.


Face shields are worn by individuals of all ages, though it is always best to seek medical advice before purchasing such equipment. Though these are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and forms, it is important to ensure that the face shield fits properly and comfortably. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the face shields do not inhibit the wearer’s vision or hinder his or her natural movement. It is essential to note that these types of shields are not to be worn by children under twelve years old, nor should they be worn while operating any type of machine that could be dangerous.

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